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Here at Cannabis Auctions we serve the needs of the growing cannabis community.  Our professional auctioneers host state approved, private marijuana auctions and live cannabis events for licensed wholesalers, producers, extractors and dispensaries.

Our business is building green solutions for the cannabis community.  We present multiple producers and a wide selection of products in our cannabis auctions.

No entry fees to our events!  No risk, no obligation, totally legal.

Product transportation can be arranged in accordance with local laws by participating wholesalers.  The auction method of marketing is proven to help your business grow.

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Currently locally licensed sellers and/or buyers of cannabis are cordially invited to attend our next special event where your license is valid.

Contact us!  We will review your inventory and may invite you to participate in cannabis auctions in your area.  Have a wonderful day and thank you for your beloved green business!

Hope is Alive

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in Good Hands

Miracles happen.  The patients of medical marijuana are living proof.  Here at Cannabis Auctions, we are also richly blessed.

We auction massage topicals, extracts, edibles, medical grade marijuana products, leaf and flower.  These lifesaving products treat a variety of conditions.

Our company believes in win, win, win, win compassionate business solutions.

The buyer wins, the seller wins, the consumer wins and the wholesaler wins.

We invite you to join our cannabis family.  Roll with us and grow your green.

Intensive Caring

We Add Value and Avoid Loss

Some harvests are better than others.  Producers sell premium and excess product with Cannabis Auctions.  Protect price integrity, maximize returns and reduce holding costs.  Cannabis Auctions provide immediate return on investment.

Our professional auctioneers ride for your brand, both buyers and sellers.  Buyers can purchase multiple products at once and costs are transparent.  You may register online and we will approve your status.  Once you register at the front desk with photo ID and your license paperwork you will receive your welcome packet, bidder number, and you are invited to inspect and sniff the products.  Have fun and enjoy the auction.

Sellers fill out our online intake form and then drop off product.  Stop by later in the week to pickup cash and or leftover product.  If product doesn’t sell you can pick it up, pay the minimum no sale fee, or roll it over into the next auction event with no cost with the approval of our Cannabis Auctions’ staff.  Thank you for growing green with us!


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