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OCal Organic Certified Mango Mintality

OCal Organic Certified Mango Mintality

OCal Organic Certified Cannabis – Mango Mintality

Sun + Earth Regenerative Cannabis Certified

Gush Mints x Mango Haze

Source: Purple City Genetics

Leafly top 12 strain of the 2022 harvest. Hints of mint and mango

Auction Ended

Auction Listed By: Nice day - 261738304

Auction Lot Number:

Product Type: Finished Flowers

Location: LIVE Auction - Nevada County

Grade: AAA Grade

Cannabis Type: Sativa

THC %: 24.209

Total Cannabinoids %: 26.385

Trimmed: Hand Trimmed

Growing Method: Outdoor

Total Lot Weight (LBs): 10

Approximate Date Harvested/ Manufactured: 10/18/22

Cultivator/ Manufacturer: Nice Day LLC

Cultivator/ Manufacturer License Number: CCL21 -0000465

Reserve price has not been met


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