Kentucky’s #1 Cash Crop

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Growing up in Western Kentucky there were always campfire tales of cannabis being the #1 Cash Crop in the entire state. The outdoor homegrown country boy smoke was ever available and the obvious abundance of farmland, unmatched climate and backwoods remote locations allowed the legend of the cannabis plant to sprout in the imagination of locals like myself.

Today, the scientifically proven benefits of the plant and the evolving political climate are becoming the rich soil that the cannabis industry needed to yield new life into the business, culture and attitude of the average american consumer. College campuses are testing the Hemp plant, legislation is changing in progressive states and new companies are springing up daily from coast to coast.

Currently in KY, Universities are testing the benefits of the Hemp Fiber, the Isolate Oils and the usage of seeds for animal feed. The passage of the 2014 Farm Bill clears the plant to be legally planted in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. CBD oils can also be collected from the crops to be distributed for various health benefits including cancer treatment, anxiety reduction, relieves nausea, Neurological treatment all while promoting cardiovascular health.

It is our duty at Cannabis Auctions to work with the farmers, laboratories and universities in Kentucky to stay at the forefront of the Cannabis Industry. Our connection with the state will allow the best products and crops to be used for future auctions. By networking with farmers and professionals in this area of the country, we are very excited to be a part of the growing industry that will provide superior products for consumers worldwide.

Keeping our ears and hearts open, we believe that a partnership with the Bluegrass State will only bring out the best in Cannabis for 2018! Stay tuned for more efforts from Cannabis Auctions and the good people of the Hemp Industry! Aloha and Love, Dr. Hemp

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