1. ONLY State approved licensees (in Oregon OLCC) are invited and allowed to attend.  You must submit your VALID license number in our Registration Page. 
  2. Each guest must complete our registration form and agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  3. This is a cash only sale unless pre-approved by the Cannabis Auctions team.
  4. Full payment is due in full at the end of the sale if product is to be removed.
  5. If more funds are required, the representative may leave a 40% deposit and return by close of business within two working business days.
  6. Guests must bring valid picture identification and proof of OLCC/State Approved licensing.
  7. All bidders/guests must be registered with Metrc at the front desk.
  8. Transportation of all products must be conducted in accordance with the OLCC /(Local Government Athority).
  9. Buyer and Seller Agree to transport their goods and/or pre-arrange approved shipping.
  10. Compliance with OLCC (Local Governing Authority) regulations is a requirement and responsibility of each BUYER and SELLER.
  11. Product descriptions and warranties are the responsibility of the Testing Agency, Seller and not of the wholesaler or Cannabis Auctions.
  12. ALL Sales are final.  Doesn’t matter if you are, were, or could be under the influence.
  13. No consumption of marijuana products or alcohol inside the premise please.
  14. Every guest is personally responsible for their health, well being and belongings.
  15. Every guest indemnifies, protects and holds harmless Cannabis Auctions, workers, owners, auctioneers and associates against claims including but not limited to personal injury.
  16. No firearms or weapons, this is a peaceful fun event.
  17. A premium of 7.5% will apply to all buyers (2.5% of overall commission is donated to cannabis compassionate care and research).
  18. Sellers will pay a premium of 15% on all sold product (2.5% of overall commission is donated to cannabis compassionate care and research).
  19. If a lot fails to sell a no-sale fee will apply (generally 50$ for first time sellers and 25$ for repeats).
  20. Taxes (if any) are the responsibility of the BUYER and or SELLER.
  21. Bid on what you want to buy and realize bids are legal offers to purchase.
  22. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and please respect the other buyers.
  23. Only registered buyers and registered transporters are allowed to enter the Cannabis Auctions.
  24. Inspections of merchandise will be conducted with the assistance of registered marijuana handlers.
  25. Misrepresentation of identification is prohibited.  Misrepresentation will be documented, reported and most likely prosecuted.  If you aren’t licensed by the State Governing Body, do NOT attempt to register or attend the event.  Thank you for buying and growing green legally.  This is required to protect all clients.  We appreciate you being you!  Thanks for joining the dream team.
  26. The Auctioneer will call the bids, direct the sale and choose the increments.
  27. All lots are sold by confirmation of SELLER.
  28. Do your best to love others and enjoy the auction!
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