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Our goal is to change perspectives of the cannabis industry and provide win, win, win solutions for expedited wholesale cannabis transactions.

All auctions and sales will be conducted in accordance with local state laws.  At this time, ONLY registered and approved Marijuana licensees may buy or sell cannabis.  Likewise, ONLY registered and approved Marijuana licensees may attend.  Our cannabis auctions are invitation only, PRIVATE EVENTS.

We ask BUYERS interested in participating, to complete the simple registration process online here,..

If you are interested in SELLING please register and upload your product using our online form here.  It takes less than a minute and helps us help you.  Space at various locations is limited because of layout and the product selection.  This is why we kindly ask you to pre-register so no one is left out in the cold.  Auction day is for BUYERS ONLY.  Product must be dropped off no later than the Saturday before the sale.

Thank you for helping us serve you.

General Terms and Conditions: Click here for the terms of the auction:

Inspection:  You are invited to inspect lots an hour before the auction begins.  Samples will be provided for inspection from each producer, and/or packaging will allow for physical appraisal.

Attendance:  Please register here if you plan to participate in the next auction event.  Bring your government issued Identification Card with you, as well as a copy of your OLCC documentation please.  Thank you.  We are excited about meeting you personally.  Be sure and say hi to the auctioneers and let them know if you need any assistance.

Unable to attend but want to inspect and bid:  If the auction date does not allow your purchasing department to attend, we have a solution!  Contact us with your request for a special inspection time and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

.  You can place proxy bids on lots of interest and will be notified if you have the winning bid (either by phone, email or text).

Facilities: AC/Heated space, bathroom, coffee, outdoor covered space

Method:  Auctions will be conducted LIVE, by our experienced auction team in conjunction with local wholesalers.

Timing:  Events will take place on the date and time included in your invitation email (also available on the registration page).

Inventory:  We are blessed to provide you with a wide variety of cannabis products in wholesale bulk.  Registered bidders will have access to an inventory list before the auction.  Information will be sent via email and or text.

Lot System:  Lots will be determined by weight, number, bulk and type.  ALL lots will be sold, AS IS, WHERE IS.  The weights, descriptions and number of items (gram/kilo containers of hash, crystal or individual inhalers)/per box will be clearly indicated.  In general, as a green rule of thumb, for example, flower will be graded and sold in 1LB, 2LB, 5LB, 10LB and 20LB lots, all products will be sold in bulk and arranged according to product type, quality and producer.  Trim will be sold primarily in larger bulk bundles at specialty trim sales

Transactions:  All transactions will be directly handled by our joint venture wholesale partners.

Security:  OLCC compliant in every way

Payment:  Cash only sale unless previously agreed upon in writing with auctioneer.  Payment is required in full for all products leaving same day.

Payment Plan:  EXCITING!  If you decide to purchase more product than you have cash in your pocket, you can leave a 40% deposit, return within 48 hours and pay the remaining balance.  This isn’t layaway so come back and pick up your product ASAP.  We hope it helps not having to bring all the cash at one time before you buy.

Transportation:  You may transport up to the legal limit of product after payment is received.  Purchases will be registered with Metrc before transport by wholesaler.  Large purchases need to cure in Metrc for 24 hours.  Transportation can be negotiated with wholesaler for a fee relative to the final destination.  If transportation is arranged, allow up to 7 days from the auction for delivery, depending upon your location.

Need to Un-register:  We expect the unexpected.  Although you really want to attend, perhaps an emergency came up.  Please notify our staff here, and let us know you won’t be able to attend so someone else can have a chance to participate.  Thank you in advance for helping the community thrive!

Sellers:  Thank you for your interest in selling with  Join the legal Cannabis movement here, by filling out our simple and easy form.  Our representatives will be in touch as soon as possible.  We appreciate your green business!

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