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At this time our cannabis auctions are for licensed growers, producers, extractors, wholesalers and dispensaries only.  You must be currently be licensed with your local government to participate in cannabis auctions.

Deal makers!


We partner with licensed marijuana wholesalers to maximize returns, reduce non performing inventory and increase exposure.  Add value and reduce risk!



Maximize profits for hard earned harvest and ingenuity.  We promote your products to every legal buyer.  The auction creates market competition and increases value.



Wide selection and supply of cannabis products.  Simply bid on what your customers want. The centralization of cannabis allows for easy purchasing.  Transportation is available!

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Billions of dollars in agricultural, manufacturing and medicinal products are sold at auctions every year.  Do you have product(s) to sell?

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Our professional auctioneers have sold over 14 Billion for other organizations.  Let us sell for you!

Fact 3

Auctions provide level ground for buyers and sellers to do transparent business.  Market demand determines price.

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Our auction house is your auction house at Cannabis Auctions.

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Professional Auctioneers from the National Auctioneers Association

Approved by local licensing boards

Sold billions on the auction block

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Our Cannabis Auctions are owned and operated by a team with many decades of experience in agriculture, auctions and specifically, the marijuana market.  For example, Mike, our CEO is a Presidential Scholar and International Biologist who had the privilege of studying under one of the few licensed Botanists allowed to research Marijuana in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  For over 20 years our CEO has studied cannabis, expedited sales, and customer service.  We appreciate your valuable business.  Thank you for growing green!


Years of professional expertise with cannabis and expedited sales


Experienced world wide certified auctioneers with a foundation built on integrity


We thrive on happy customers.  We believe in win, win, win solutions.


Our business is built on customer relationships.  Our Motto: Do good, be happy!

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