cannabis real estate and business asset liquidations


Cannabis Auctions stands as the premier online auction platform specializing in commercial cannabis real estate and business asset transactions. Our platform caters to brokers, offering a streamlined and effective auction solution to convert non-liquid assets into liquid capital within the cannabis industry. We are dedicated to facilitating seamless transactions, ensuring brokers and their clients access a comprehensive, user-friendly service for buying and selling cannabis-related properties and assets. By leveraging our expertise and innovative technology, we provide a unique marketplace that addresses the specific needs of the cannabis sector, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and security in every transaction.


Real Estate

We handle the sale of cannabis-related properties, such as cultivation centers, dispensaries, and processing facilities, offering a specialized platform for these unique real estate transactions.

Businesses & Licenses

Our services extend to businesses in the cannabis sector that have never operated, as well as the sale of paper licenses, facilitating the transfer of these valuable assets to interested parties.

Mortgage Notes & Trust Deeds

We offer a marketplace for the sale of mortgage notes and trust deeds tied to cannabis properties, providing an avenue for investors and lenders to liquidate these financial instruments.

Debts & Account Reciveables

Cannabis Auctions also deals with secured debts and accounts receivables related to the cannabis industry, offering solutions for businesses to manage and monetize these assets effectively.


Cannabis Auctions collaborates with a diverse range of professionals and entities within the cannabis industry to optimize asset liquidity and transaction efficiency. Our key partners include:


We assist receivers in managing and liquidating cannabis-related assets efficiently, ensuring transparency, compliance, and maximizing value recovery.

Real Estate Brokers

Our platform supports real estate brokers in selling cannabis properties, providing them with a targeted audience and specialized auction tools tailored for the cannabis market.

Business Brokers

For business brokers with cannabis clients or assets, our platform serves as a valuable resource for connecting buyers and sellers in the cannabis industry, ensuring smooth and profitable transactions.

Mortgage Companies

We work with mortgage companies dealing with cannabis-related properties, offering solutions for asset disposition and streamlined sale processes.


Cannabis Auctions operates on a streamlined and effective process tailored for receivers, brokers, and asset holders in the cannabis industry. Once approved for a Cannabis Auctions account, clients gain the ability to launch single-asset auctions. These auctions are extensively promoted through multiple channels to ensure maximum visibility and reach.

Account Approval: Clients undergo a straightforward approval process to access their Cannabis Auctions account, ensuring a secure and professional environment for all users.

Auction Launch: Upon approval, clients can initiate single-asset auctions on our platform, showcasing their cannabis-related real estate, businesses, licenses, mortgage notes, trust deeds, or other assets.

Promotion: Each auction is vigorously promoted through Cannabis Auctions’ website and our partnership with 420 Property. This collaboration enables us to leverage a wide array of marketing channels for optimal exposure.

Marketing Channels: Our marketing strategy includes access to a substantial email subscriber base of over 50,000 individuals interested in the cannabis industry, ensuring targeted outreach to potential buyers. Additionally, we utilize various social networks to further amplify the visibility of each auction.

By utilizing Cannabis Auctions, clients benefit from a dedicated and specialized platform that maximizes the potential of their cannabis-related assets, connecting them with a vast network of interested buyers and investors.

Current & Upcoming Auctions

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Unlock the full potential of your cannabis-related assets. Whether you’re a receiver, real estate broker, mortgage company, or business broker, Cannabis Auctions is your ideal partner for efficient and profitable transactions. Our specialized platform is designed to meet the unique needs of the cannabis industry, ensuring a smooth and secure auction process. Start leveraging our expertise and innovative technology now. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in maximizing the value of your cannabis assets. Join the Cannabis Auctions community today and transform the way you handle cannabis-related transactions.

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