Free Marijuana Samples

Free Marijuana?

Free Weed? For Real?

Yes, Free Legal Marijuana in Colorado and Washington State.

Yes, for some of you, those who are residents of CO and WA, if you register with us here and participate in an auction (even if you don’t win the bid) you are still entered in our mailing list for FREE LEGAL MARIJUANA.

We will be recreationally partaking in free cannabis use in Washington State and Colorado.  During these events we will be offering free LEGAL MARIJUANA from participating sponsors (To Adults over 21 who are legal WA/CO residents).

We here at Cannabis Auctions are excited for the day when we can offer free samples to ALL registered patients, vendors and caregivers.  Medical Marijuana in the United States of America has a colorful past and bright future (18 Medical Marijuana States Currently!).  For the moment not everyone is able to partake in “Free Samples” however, with the proper medical documentation registered clients can receive “Trial Doses” when authorized by the appropriate Physician’s recommendation.  You must contact Cannabis Auctions and register.

Depending on the geographic location in which you live, samples may be hand delivered, or sent by certified mail.

Please visit our contact page for free information about samples and upcoming Cannabis Auctions.