Marijuana decriminalized in America, Buy legal weed!

Congratulations Colorado!

Responsible Adults over 21, Get your wallets ready to buy legal weed!

The local government of Colorado has established a 25% Marijuana TAX on LEGAL Recreational Marijuana!

Starting January 1st 2014 Americans will be able to purchase legal marijuana, for fun, and medicinal purposes, in the outstanding state of Colorado.

The U.S. Federal Government will have to take a stand on if they want Marijuana Tax money or not.  At this moment Washington D.C. is on the verge of going green.  It is not fair for congress to be smoking legal buds but we in the rest of the country are strangled by prohibition.

Here at Cannabis Auctions, we too are waiting for the green light from the Federal Government because we can’t afford to risk our reputation, customers, or freedom.  Granted, people in Colorado have been selling marijuana legally or illegally for quite some time and the business will continue.

What has changed, is that now people can buy great cannabis legally and support education at the same time!  How awesome is that?  Well, Colorado has already experienced a population swell because of the green growth.

As the landscape changes we at Cannabis Auctions will be there with you, reporting new developments, exposing new research, and pioneering buying and selling legal weed.  At the moment we are totally chill, just waiting for the freedom revolution where our nation can break lamb’s bread together and celebrate the fruits of our labor as brethren free of unnatural oppression.

Cannabis will raise billions of dollars in taxes.  The Federal Government will either have to float with the green tsunami rising or there will red in the books.  We are in a deficit and positive cash flow from an unregulated industry with greater growth rates than smart phones is an exciting solution for America.

This message is to urge likeminded individuals to take a step forward and become more active in the campaign to decriminalize, legalize, and yes tax American marijuana.

Even taxes are better than the threat of unjust incarceration for patients and people needing to relax with some God given ganga.

Much love from Cannabis Auctions to our readers, for your patience and understanding with this growth process.  Like you, we will stay loyal and true to our roots, waiting for the day when we can create win, win, win, solutions with legal weed for sale.  January 1st will be here before long so Statewise, Colorado is GREEN!  Let’s see what D.C. Does in the next few months.  Just waiting for the Feds to give the green light….:)  Come on representatives, you know public opinion has shifted towards education, treatment, recreation, and research…Thanks for doing the right thing people and writing your representative respectfully.  Representatives and officials, we are waiting on you to help the people you represent.  Thanks for being part of marijuana law reform policy.

Thanks for sticking with us here at Cannabis Auctions

Your trustworthy friends in the legal Cannabis Business

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