Legal Recreational Marijuana for sale in Colorado

Amazing! Fresh Recreational Marijuana for Sale in CO, to responsible Adults over 21

legal marijuana for sale in colorado

Please be responsible people!  Don’t get high and operate machinery or drive.  Keep it cool for the rest of the country pleeease!

Colorado has issued the first of many Legal documents stating the holder may sell legal recreational marijuana in Colorado!  And we praise Ja Almighty (seriously) that finally somewhere in America, the system worked!  Hardworking American adults, looking to medicate or recreationally use marijuana are now able within the confines of Colorado State Marijuana Law.  You can get your next spliff after January 1’st at Annie’s Dispensary.

January 1’st 2014 will begin a new chapter in the lives of Colorado Americans, and hopefully, eventually Americans from sea to shining sea.  At this point in time, we also do not have a permit to be auctioning bales of marijuana.  I’m not sure we will need one, however, the time is a coming where a legal market will be established for the common man and woman.  Those who aren’t too stoned and have been with us a while, you can remember we called January 1’st as the start and by golly we got it right this time.  What a great flip of the coin, but hooray for New Year’s Everyone!!!

That being said,

The Federal Government busted grow ops and care centers in Boulder and Denver the other day, when the new permits were being issued, so…remember, the U.S. government broke over 147 treaties with the American Indians.  Many of the treaties were signed by the President.  Thanks for serving as our President sir, and thank you for what you have said and done, but let’s just legalize Marijuana, or at least decriminalize it Federally, and put it to bed like, smoking some Jamaican sativa hybrid Lamb’s bread.  Why is it another dozen Denver dispensaries were just raided?  No telling at the moment, might have been an out of town operation which is bad for everyone’s business.

The Feds really have to change the official guidelines at some point regarding the state’s right to regulate and classify substances within the state’s border.  Why?  Because these sales will be taxed and so now they have to either accept or reject this transaction officially.  Banks will have to start accepting green cash and until the Federal government legalizes marijuana or, more clearly than a memo, clarifies state’s rights pertaining to legal marijuana sales Colorado and in other states, then I would really be careful making transactions until everything is out in the open.

Yes the places in Boulder/Denver possibly weren’t keeping up with their books or making some sort of shady deal, or weren’t keeping up with the difficult regulations.  The recent raids may not be related to things to come, however, if you are a green business owner, do your best to keep up with your books.

If you are a consumer, we will be publishing a list of locations you can purchase legal marijuana, as according to Colorado State Marijuana Laws.  For NOW, Annie’s Dispensary located in Center City CO is the first retail location in America where you can officially purchase recreational legal cannabis.  This information is public free knowledge and can be shared and spread to those who aren’t in the know.  Do yourself and neighbor a favor and keep following Cannabis Auctions in the quest to find the best legal Marijuana on the American market.  We bring knowledge and the world of marijuana to you so you can share with others.  Thanks for your support and,

Congratulations Colorado for being the first U.S. State to Legally Buy and Sell Recreational Marijuana!

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