Buy legal Marijuana for sale Recreational adult use in Washington or Colorado

Legal Marijuana for sale Colorado and Washington State

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Bid here at the original Cannabis Auctions!

Pay your sales tax and smoke like an American Chief!

We understand the auction business and enjoy the American Dream of Freedom without prosecution, and no taxation without representation.

Buy legal Marijuana for recreational adult use if you are a citizen of Washington or Colorado (Pre 2012 Election Residents only at this time).

You can register here on Cannabis Auctions with your Confidential Bidder Name and email.  All payments are final and the seller confirms your purchase via intermediary escrow.

We would like to say your transactions are confidential, however, depending on the deregulaiton process, we may be subject to audit, but who cares since Marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington  State!?  Keep it legal, please use mota responsibly.

Buy real ganga here, sinsemilla, funk, dank, nugs, colas, keef, and associated pure medicinal and recreational sanctified herb.  Certified by American Cannabis Auctioneers as primo endo of top shelf variety.  Classified by active THC cannabinoid compounds and CBN, CBD Organic ratios, purchasing the finest quality sensi is as easy as double clicking (and paying of course).  Don’t screw this up for the rest of the country!  Be respectful of others and use in MODERATION.  Be your good self and enjoy without paranoia.

We will charge sales tax when applicable and remit to the local magistrate their required duty.  Pay your tax and smoke like an American Chief!

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