Happy New Year! The End of Prohibition?

January 1st marks a change in the globe with the repeal of marijuana prohibition in Colorado!


Is today our last illegal 4:20 in Colorado?  We believe so.

Tomorrow, the 1st of January, 2014, marks a historic day for the United States of America.  Our Democratic Republic, for which it stands, has voted, passed, and enacted legislation legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado.

We are pulling our people together for a monster jam New Year celebration to mark the end of oppressing a natural plant, and its therapeutic benefits.  January 1st, one of our representatives will be present to sample and report on the Colorado Scene, giving you the insider’s tips on the maturation of the Legal Cannabis world.

Don’t go green with envy, visit us in the promised land and contact us, to point you in the right directions.  Now, free of worry, starting tomorrow, we will be helping our friends in Colorado.  Once other states vote and legalize, there will be a change in the landscape and the public will understand the need for boutique and wholesale cannabis auctions of both legal marijuana, marijuana byproducts, marijuana grow businesses for sale, and marijuana cultivation equipment.  We will be in business once permits are approved.

When that time comes to buy or sell legally at cannabis auctions, please think of us.  We think of you this holiday season and during the year by offering you our trustworthy services.  As we attempt to be humble pioneers in the supportive secondary cannabis industry, we appreciate your support.  Our goal is to simply help buyers and sellers find the best market price for their products.

So message to all the Happy New Year 2014 green lights out there:—Remember the prohibition persecution today at 4:20 and rejoice at the brighter future tomorrow.  Please enjoy legal marijuana responsibly as one of God’s many gifts.  Moderation is key.

Have a safe, blessed, and Happy New Year everyone!  Don’t smoke and drive, be cool behind the wheel, and pass to your left.

Much special love to everyone who voted and campaigned for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado.

Repeal Marijuana Prohibition 2014!

Happy New Year Colorado!

At Your Service:  Cannabis Auctions

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New York Becomes the 21st Medical Marijuana State!

Marijuana Becomes Legalized in The United States, New York

NY Medical Marijuana Legalized!

You heard the good word here at Cannabis Auctions:

The same week as Colorado Legalizes the use of Recreational Marijuana, Breaking news: New York intends to legalize medical marijuana, according to Governor Cuomo.  The Republicans reportedly still oppose the compassionate use of medical marijuana, and waterboarded legislation protecting the pursuit of happiness and quality of life for suffering patients and responsible tax paying adults.  However, the C. Govenator may use executive action to spur the movement of the beast and turn the rule of the majority into law.

At this time reportedly 20 Hospitals will be allowed to dispense medical marijuana to the New York Community.  The limited marijuana use is for patients with serious illnesses only.  Cuomo plans to announce his change of heart during the State Address, this Wednesday.

Either way, people will be enjoying more medical herb without persecution.  Hopefully the quality of their medicine will also increase with the legalization of medicinal marijuana in New York City.  Tax dollars also will increase, and so will the social benefits of increased services and education.

There is cause to rejoice in the homeland and for those in the Empire State!  Hopefully Colorado and Washington State paved the way.  With possible help from New York City’s new Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, we may all be happy for a change in the guard.

We are speaking with medical marijuana growers, medical marijuana purveyors, medical marijuana edible/medible producers, and compassionate care centers, to provide the highest level of service to our beloved potential patients, both individual and wholesale.

Of course we are not able to open business until the Federal Government figures out how to classify medical marijuana without endangering the well being of suffering Americans, and Americans looking for a safe medicinal healing herb.  These statements are opinions of the author and not authorized by the Food and Drug Administration, unfortunately, however, perhaps one day in the future, we will have even greater security, clarity, better herb, and a more educated society.  Win, Win, Win without tiger blood.  Love the one’s you are with and stay active in the political community so we can legalize medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana coast to coast.

Special thanks to all our people making the world a better place.  You know who you are.

Cannabis Auctions

How choice purveyors buy and sell legal Medical Marijuana and Recreational Nugs

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Legal Recreational Marijuana for sale in Colorado

Amazing! Fresh Recreational Marijuana for Sale in CO, to responsible Adults over 21

legal marijuana for sale in colorado

Please be responsible people!  Don’t get high and operate machinery or drive.  Keep it cool for the rest of the country pleeease!

Colorado has issued the first of many Legal documents stating the holder may sell legal recreational marijuana in Colorado!  And we praise Ja Almighty (seriously) that finally somewhere in America, the system worked!  Hardworking American adults, looking to medicate or recreationally use marijuana are now able within the confines of Colorado State Marijuana Law.  You can get your next spliff after January 1’st at Annie’s Dispensary.

January 1’st 2014 will begin a new chapter in the lives of Colorado Americans, and hopefully, eventually Americans from sea to shining sea.  At this point in time, we also do not have a permit to be auctioning bales of marijuana.  I’m not sure we will need one, however, the time is a coming where a legal market will be established for the common man and woman.  Those who aren’t too stoned and have been with us a while, you can remember we called January 1’st as the start and by golly we got it right this time.  What a great flip of the coin, but hooray for New Year’s Everyone!!!

That being said,

The Federal Government busted grow ops and care centers in Boulder and Denver the other day, when the new permits were being issued, so…remember, the U.S. government broke over 147 treaties with the American Indians.  Many of the treaties were signed by the President.  Thanks for serving as our President sir, and thank you for what you have said and done, but let’s just legalize Marijuana, or at least decriminalize it Federally, and put it to bed like, smoking some Jamaican sativa hybrid Lamb’s bread.  Why is it another dozen Denver dispensaries were just raided?  No telling at the moment, might have been an out of town operation which is bad for everyone’s business.

The Feds really have to change the official guidelines at some point regarding the state’s right to regulate and classify substances within the state’s border.  Why?  Because these sales will be taxed and so now they have to either accept or reject this transaction officially.  Banks will have to start accepting green cash and until the Federal government legalizes marijuana or, more clearly than a memo, clarifies state’s rights pertaining to legal marijuana sales Colorado and in other states, then I would really be careful making transactions until everything is out in the open.

Yes the places in Boulder/Denver possibly weren’t keeping up with their books or making some sort of shady deal, or weren’t keeping up with the difficult regulations.  The recent raids may not be related to things to come, however, if you are a green business owner, do your best to keep up with your books.

If you are a consumer, we will be publishing a list of locations you can purchase legal marijuana, as according to Colorado State Marijuana Laws.  For NOW, Annie’s Dispensary located in Center City CO is the first retail location in America where you can officially purchase recreational legal cannabis.  This information is public free knowledge and can be shared and spread to those who aren’t in the know.  Do yourself and neighbor a favor and keep following Cannabis Auctions in the quest to find the best legal Marijuana on the American market.  We bring knowledge and the world of marijuana to you so you can share with others.  Thanks for your support and,

Congratulations Colorado for being the first U.S. State to Legally Buy and Sell Recreational Marijuana!

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Marijuana decriminalized in America, Buy legal weed!

Congratulations Colorado!

Responsible Adults over 21, Get your wallets ready to buy legal weed!

The local government of Colorado has established a 25% Marijuana TAX on LEGAL Recreational Marijuana!

Starting January 1st 2014 Americans will be able to purchase legal marijuana, for fun, and medicinal purposes, in the outstanding state of Colorado.

The U.S. Federal Government will have to take a stand on if they want Marijuana Tax money or not.  At this moment Washington D.C. is on the verge of going green.  It is not fair for congress to be smoking legal buds but we in the rest of the country are strangled by prohibition.

Here at Cannabis Auctions, we too are waiting for the green light from the Federal Government because we can’t afford to risk our reputation, customers, or freedom.  Granted, people in Colorado have been selling marijuana legally or illegally for quite some time and the business will continue.

What has changed, is that now people can buy great cannabis legally and support education at the same time!  How awesome is that?  Well, Colorado has already experienced a population swell because of the green growth.

As the landscape changes we at Cannabis Auctions will be there with you, reporting new developments, exposing new research, and pioneering buying and selling legal weed.  At the moment we are totally chill, just waiting for the freedom revolution where our nation can break lamb’s bread together and celebrate the fruits of our labor as brethren free of unnatural oppression.

Cannabis will raise billions of dollars in taxes.  The Federal Government will either have to float with the green tsunami rising or there will red in the books.  We are in a deficit and positive cash flow from an unregulated industry with greater growth rates than smart phones is an exciting solution for America.

This message is to urge likeminded individuals to take a step forward and become more active in the campaign to decriminalize, legalize, and yes tax American marijuana.

Even taxes are better than the threat of unjust incarceration for patients and people needing to relax with some God given ganga.

Much love from Cannabis Auctions to our readers, for your patience and understanding with this growth process.  Like you, we will stay loyal and true to our roots, waiting for the day when we can create win, win, win, solutions with legal weed for sale.  January 1st will be here before long so Statewise, Colorado is GREEN!  Let’s see what D.C. Does in the next few months.  Just waiting for the Feds to give the green light….:)  Come on representatives, you know public opinion has shifted towards education, treatment, recreation, and research…Thanks for doing the right thing people and writing your representative respectfully.  Representatives and officials, we are waiting on you to help the people you represent.  Thanks for being part of marijuana law reform policy.

Thanks for sticking with us here at Cannabis Auctions

Your trustworthy friends in the legal Cannabis Business

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Legal Medical Marijuana Weed for Sale

Welcome to Cannabis Auctions

Medical Marijuana Weed for Sale

We heard today that December 2, 2013 is around the time when Colorado and possibly Washington will allow citizens to being legally buying and selling recreational cannabis.  Just to be safe, we are guessing things won’t be totally cool till January 1 2014 however, who knows?  Lots can happen between now and then.  Between now and then, we are ramping up to meet the huge demand for legal marijuana.

The Federal Government still says Marijuana is illegal, however, 19 U.S. states allow legal Medical Marijuana weed for sale so at some point there will be a Federal Tax on Marijuana.  Until then the government makes too much money off of making it illegal.  As soon as the government can make money or as soon the people or the President with Congress change the laws, then it will be a nationwide funk fest and we will expand our venues.

We will continue to base business in Denver and Seattle, but intend to launch into the California Delta, Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Baton Rouge, Houston, Dallas, Anchorage,  New York, Waikiki, Orlando, Puerto Rico, and probably a village near you.

Yes, we are Indians and Cowboys ready for the wild west to reopen and serve natural herbs to the American community.  Yes we are responsible medical and recreational marijuana supporters.  Yes, if you are cool, you can hang out and listen to some good funky music too.

For now, check out our Purple Passion Pictures and savor the flavor as best you can through the screen.  Pop in a two pieces of grape ape bubble gum and fill your cheeks with the sweet juice from the vine.  These females were ripe and ready to harvest.  Soon we can sell and you can order weed from the comfort of your home.  Easy access to safe and legal recreational and medical marijuana is on the horizon.

Thanks for checking out Cannabis Auctions

The safe place to find terror free

Legal American Medical Marijuana Weed for Sale

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Legal Marijuana Tax

Cannabis Auctions

Freedom of Expression

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

No taxation without representation!

Just ask Willie Nelson, musical road champion of legal marijuana.

Willie Nelson End of Marijuana Prohibition

Click on Willie to hear his many hit songs on iTunes!

I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here. If He put it here and He wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong?

Ask not what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country.  The news is full of problems with the IRS and government; every business owner, family, and worker knows about the burden of tax time.

However, we all enjoy roads, education, infrastructure, safety, secure armed forces, and a long list of definite advantages to a system with taxes.

I know what you are probably thinking.  Gee I pay so many taxes I can’t hardly afford to buy weed.  We already pay sales tax, we pay income tax, we pay property tax, every time we pay our power bill or fill the tank we pay “carbon tax”, inheritance tax, luxury tax, school tax, the list goes on.

It’s not fair for poor old widows who never had children to pay school tax, but somehow the government makes them support others.  Because we live in a hybrid society of international influence, French, Indian, British, Spanish, African, Asian, and more, Americans are supposed to possess a communal ideology which helps each other, rather than only take and be entitled.

We are represented as legal marijuana users and in our U.S. country, the people make the laws.  If the people believe that marijuana should be taxed to pay for socialized programs and education, great.  If the people decide it should not be taxed, also great, but that probably won’t happen because sugar, other pharmaceutical life saving drugs, alcohol, tobacco, guns, sex, death, food, technology, and dirt all have taxes associated.

As long as we are legally protected and secure, I hope no freedom loving American who can read, and legally uses marijuana recreationally, will protest some amount of specialized tax representation.

At this time, the government in Colorado seems intent on proposing a 15% legal marijuana tax on the side of the seller and a 10% tax on the side of the buyer.

Marijuana Tax Law Cannabis Auction Example #1

Here is an example of a potential situation involving the Marijuana Tax:

So, for example #1, Super Jane wants to sell her awesome organic crop.  We want to broker the sale for her.  She has a registered company called Super Jane and has the clearance to sell marijuana legally.  We inventory the information about Super Jane and her line of products.  We then market the products to legal aged buyers (both licensed business re sellers and potential end users with proper identification).  The auction begins and….

At the Cannabis Auctions, the buyers love Super Jane and she goes for $300 an ounce.

The high bidder can choose to buy as much as they can legally purchase at this price.  The buyer, Green Cross Marijuana , decides to purchase 1 pound ($300 x 16 Ounces x 1 Pound) = a total price of $4,800 A high price for a medium bulk purchase, however, #1 Super Jane is the best in the world.

The Marijuana tax, as we understand it to apply, may be implemented as follows:

Super Jane needs to pay 15% to the government, and the department may require us to take the 15% and remit it directly, not sure how that will work.  Either way, 15% will go to the government from the seller.  $720 in tax.

A legal buyer, potentially Green Cross Marijuana, pays $480 (10% Marijuana Tax) and possibly applicable sales tax as well, not sure.  Might just be 10% sales tax and that’s it, hopefully.

For our services as a professional auction house we charge an introductory low 5% to the buyer and 5% to the seller on the pre tax amount.

$240 in sales commission from Super Jane

$240 in buyer’s premium from Green Cross Marijuana

We provide hosting the show, marketing, staffing events, promoting items, advertising, online/live bidding platforms, we also handle the financial transactions along with auctioneers and customer support.

Of course all this is pending government approval.  *We are NOT licensed Certified Public Accountants, nor do we work for the government.  We are Cannabis Auctioneers of legal Marijuana and we hope you see the value in our green business model.

Ultimately for 1 pound the legal MJ seller’s (Super Jane) balance looks like this:

@ 1 LB/$4,800 = 16 ounces @ $300/ounce


($720[tax]+$240[auction fees])=$960 (Expenses)

(Gross-Expenses)=Net Profit

$4800-$960=$3,840 Net Profit

Ultimately for 1 pound the legal MJ buyer’s (Green Cross Marijuana) looks like this:

@ 1 LB/$4,800 = 16 ounces @ $300/ounce

Hammer Price: $4,800

($480 [tax] + $240[auction fees])= $720

Final Price: $5,520 (10% tax 5% auction fee included)

If you are an adult over the age of 21 and wish to participate in our Cannabis Auctions of legal marijuana please register as wishing to sell or buy, and an expert will respond shortly.

Growers, producers, share croppers, collectives, parties, and corporations interested in legally selling marijuana contact us here.  Please register here with our green online sales application form.

Bakers, tokers, smokers, resellers, retail shops, corporations, and private groups wishing to legally buy marijuana contact us here.  To purchase legal marijuana, please register with our green online bidder form.

We thank you again for choosing the highest grade legal marijuana from our world famous Cannabis Auctions.

We are at your service.

 If you have general questions please contact us here.

Product sale sheet for sellers with there code here

PLEASE, Puff, Puff, and pass on our info with social media and green technology.

Thank you for choosing:

Cannabis Auctions


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Sell and Buy Legal Marijuana

Welcome to Cannabis Auctions


Special thanks to everyone who grows, smokes, and bakes

We have been getting calls and emails about legally buying and selling Cannabis 

The answer is YES! In WA and CO we can buy and sell legal marijuana.

The answer is YES! America is land of the free and home of the brave.

When will everything go into effect?  Well, for now, we are waiting for the final details, but it sounds like, in Colorado, Adults over the age of 21, who are Colorado residents, will be able to purchase up to one ounce at a time.  This may change with a reseller license, a dispensary license, a medical marijuana card, or bulk wholesale purchase license.

It seems for Colorado and Washington, non resident adults will also be able to purchase a quarter ounce of legal marijuana and smoke it like it’s the Fourth of July!

Yes, the tax portion of our American cash crop will go to Uncle Sam of the United States Government, as well as fund schools, education programs, and public health.  So feel great about your American Made Legal Marijuana for sale!

Here we are benefiting the community by providing professional auction services and botanical expertise.  Our sellers can maximize their returns by allowing the market to determine the value of their products.  Our buyers maximize their returns by finding the best product for their investment.  We support green business with win, win, win, win mutualist mentality.  Together we all win with Cannabis Auctions.

The deal may be different in Washington State.  For now the legislation is a bit smokey on how we can operate.  We will keep you posted as things develop, however, we anticipate moving forward with legal marijuana for sale at cannabis auctions as soon as we get the green light.  It may be as late as January of next year, however, we have waited this long, we can wait a few more months.  Either way, if you are a seller/grower/producer, get your weight right and send us some pictures to start the marketing process.

We appreciate you working with us to buy and sell Marijuana legally in the United States of America.  Thank you for your patience, love, business, and reeferrals.

Click Below to Register for free!

Those interested in legally selling marijuana click here.

Those interested in legally buying marijuana click here.

Those registered sellers with a seller code looking for the product sale form click here.

Those with additional questions can contact us here.

Thanks again for choosing legal American marijuana at Cannabis Auctions U.S.A.



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Legal Colorado Weed and Washington Marijuana

Legal Weed from the Colorado Nugget Mountains and Washington outdoor Marijuana Forest

LegalmarijuanaforsaleinCOandWACannabisAuctionsFor sale to adults over 21!

Thank you for smoking legal weed in Colorado and legal marijuana in Washington State with Cannabis Auctions.

First off, it just happens that I’ve found Colorado and Washington State people to be some of the kindest and warmest people on the planet.  Hopefully this won’t change with the rush of green tourism into the promised valley.  Seemingly the only way to prevent mass exodus from every state is to legalize Federally and quit screwing around.

Once the Federal Government gets pressure from every state in the Union to just stop the war on plants, we will be selling weed to the masses via the auction block.  Yes we will host live auctions of bales and bales of marijuana.  If you would like to see tons of marijuana, you should register as a bidder and attend our auctions or just stay tuned online because we will be posting videos of our auctions as proof of the American Dream come true.  If you ever wanted to build a car out of marijuana, please visit our cannabis auctions.

If you are an official from the old guard and still believe in Reefer Madness, I ask you to please, drive out to Washington State, or Colorado and buy yourself a sack of legal weed (if you can’t just pull it out of the impound but that might be added bad karma so try giving some away without wearing a gun, after you smoked or ingested a small amount).  As the herb kicks in, relax, breathe deeply, sit yourself down and listen to some jazz, classical music or rock and roll, maybe even some reggae or enforcer.  Realize that prohibition is almost over, and the job of policing non violent Americans is almost finished.  If you need help writing a new resume please contact us here.

Those not sweating like a police officer in Washington State who last month arrested someone for marijuana before the 2012 Election, have freedom at last* for those in Colorado State and Washington State.

Everyone who can smoke legally in Colorado or Washington State should enjoy their legal marijuana a bit extra, because there are still 48 other U.S. States with outdated legislation.  Smokers are still hunted down and eventually systematically robbed, ass raped, and branded by U.S. Government officials for using a safe and natural plant.

So, Smoke it up in CO and WA because it still is problematic in most of the U.S.  Enjoy your sweet sticky herb like no one else can legally smoke in your country but you.  Don’t stop blazing the fragrant flowers of the female sinsemilla marijuana herb without a quick thought to those in jail for the same natural high.

We will be selling private and wholesale marijuana to pharmaceutical companies, offices, laboratories, consumers, vendors, pharmacies, care centers, moms, dads, vets, patients, and elderly over the age of 21, as soon as we get the green light.

Thank you for buying legal weed and marijuana in Colorado and Washington State.

Much love from:

Cannabis Auctions

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Free Marijuana for Soldiers with PTS

Free Military Marijuana!

If you are an American Soldier with or without PTS First,

Thank you for your service.


Cannabis Auctions was founded to provide quality medical grade marijuana to the market and also directly assist American Military Warriors with their needs.  If you are a combat or non combat member of the armed forces with PTS, you have the right to the best care on the planet.  You also have the right to non addictive natural medicine in Washington State and Colorado (hopefully more to come).

Here at Cannabis Auctions, we believe in win, win, win situations.

We win because we are protected and represented by professional soldiers, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.  The founders of Cannabis Auctions are ex SF and support the rehabilitation of brothers and sisters in arms.

Thank you again for your patriotic service.  While programs are not yet in funded, legal, or in place to adequately provide for the ongoing care of veterans, we think this should change.  If you need weed “Cannabis or Marijuana”, employment, friends, or family, welcome home to Cannabis Auctions.  We appreciate your service.  Doesn’t matter if you got PTSD cleaning out a big pile from the government or just doing the job most wouldn’t or couldn’t do.  Let us know if you have special needs and how we can help.

The least we can do is, if you become a registered bidder and bid (you don’t have to win, just participate) we will invite you to a venue where others will share in the mutual respect for our vets.  At these venues there will be good music and excellent smoke and green cannabis products, (Where legal for adults over 21 only of course).

If you nod and verify your status as a VFW (Vet For Weed), we will issue you a green VFW non transferrable pass.  This invites you to attend privately scheduled VIP events with restricted access for those without clearance.  Confirmation of reservation is required but no cash.  Even though we haven’t made any money yet, we think that smoking out vets who need to relax should be a national pastime.  We also believe that most marijuana users are functional, important, productive members of society, not just bong swinging hippies (although we love you too and thanks for the weed).

Let’s all get together and support those who need an extra spark.  If you are in CO or WA we encourage you to find a veteran you know and thank them privately for their service.  If you are a veteran in CO or WA, congratulations, and thank you for a job well done protecting our freedom.

May God Bless America


Cannabis Auctioneers

Cannabis Auctions

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Marijuana For Sale by Grower, We Auction Cannabis By The G,OZ, LB, and TON

Legal Marijuana for sale by Grower

American Marijuana, grown and sold by Americans, Taxed by the American Government

Grow and Sell Marijuana at Cannabis Auctions

We Auction marijuana by the Gram, Ounce, Pound, or 2000 pound ton.

We here at Cannabis Auctions are serious about selling weed, legally of course.  Because of the 2012 Cannabis Election Results, Marijuana for sale in Washington and Colorado is legal for adults 21 and older.

You are able to have up to 28 grams or 1 ounce of seedless (or seeded {but Why?}) Mary Jane on your adult person, to roll and share with your friends, and celebrate the return of freedom to the United States of America.

Marijuana for sale here at CannabisAuctions.com

We will charge local and (2% for estimated Federal Government) Tax plus a 5% buyer’s premium (our cut) for buying, selling, & stocking at Cannabis Auctions (3% extra for online or credit card transactions, thank merchant account services).

Consider it a High Five % for us bringing the super dank to your next house party.

I hope you and your family enjoy Cannabis Auctions, and share this post with your network.  Don’t forget about Free Marijuana Samples and smoker friendly Cannabis Auctions in your neighborhood.

Get High on Life

Attend your online or live Cannabis Auction and buy American Weed!


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